Institute for Recreation
& Leisure Industries

Invalidenstrasse 7
10115 Berlin

office: +49 30 890 908 50
fax: +49 30 890 908 52

Institute for (applied sience) Recreation & Leisure Industries

The Institute for Recreation & Leisure Industries see itself responsibly for the knowledge transfer of the experiences and the conversion strength of the SD Group and their partners.

The IRLI serves as a foundation of knowledge - activities - competence (Knowing-Doing-Competence). To the SD Group network connected competence and cooperation partners share and provide - in professional publications - their know-how.

The market of the knowledge and conversion achievements (applying scientific knowledge to practical problems) should be demanded straight in the areas of the Recreation & Leisure Industries.


Since 2011, the SD Group organized together with the ITB (International Tourism Trade Fair in Berlin) the 'Leisure-Trend-Forum'. Mainfocus of the 'Leisure-Trend-Forum' is the linking between the topics 'HLHL'  Health = Leisure - Hospitality & Lifestyle. The 'Leisure-Trend-Forum' demonstrate recognizable trends and developments in the current leisure industry and discuss them with renowned panelists. The aim is to create a network between business and science. Initiated by Sylvia Dinter (SD Group) and the ITB,  the forum delight a great presence any year and demand from professional & private visitors.


Knowing - Doing - Competence